You love to cook. In fact, fewer things make your happier than strolling through a farmers market or visiting your local butcher, picking up food for your next meal. But you also - just once in a while - would really love a night off. And when that happens, all you want is the same style and quality of food you'd prepare for yourself.




Inspired by a decade of seasonal cooking, we've crafted a line of ready-to-cook meals and snacks featuring the same thoughtfully sourced ingredients we've been using in our restaurants for almost ten years.


The kind of meals and snacks you stock your fridge with for the week. The kind you bring up to the cottage for the weekend.


All of our food is made to order. Nothing is pre-made. And all of our dishes are good for a few days, so you eat when you want :-)


To start, we're offering a single drop each week, delivered to your doorstep in a climate controlled package. No need to be home to accept delivery. Order cutoff is 9PM on Sundays, for delivery the following Thursday. Throughout the rest of 2020, quantities each week will be limited, so get your orders in early!


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